Kairos Europe

Kairos Europe

Kairos Europe, established in 2011, is an organization dedicated to promoting the development of programmes aimed at increasing the intercultural exchanges between European countries.Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for youths and adults in order to improve their knowledge and skills and enhance their career prospects. We host students and graduates from all over Europe wishing to do a work experience in the UK in different vocational areas.

We organise professional development courses for people involved in education who want to acquire new competences. Courses include digital classrooms, interculture, school management, art and sports in education, and social inclusion.We have taken part in several international partnership projects, focused in particular on languages, IT, disadvantaged categories (migrants, unemployed, parents facing social and economic disadvantage), and projects promoting integration and equality. In our innovative approach, we seek to achieve these goals through culture and the arts.

We also aim to bring together partners coming from all European countries, in order to develop effective plans with the purpose of sharing practices, discussing problems and compare solutions on specific topics.As part of our training courses, we are especially sensitive in the issues related to developing social skills for living and working in today's multi-cultural societies, being promoters of positive approaches to multi-cultural issues, and learning to leave in harmony with each other. Moreover we arrange study visits for professionals who want who want to improve their skills in their field of expertise or have an insight into their professional field in the UK. We can arrange visits in the following areas: International Development, Charity Sector, Immigration Policies, Arts, Active Aging and Education.

Our organisation has been working since its foundation with disadvantaged categories such as migrants, asylum seekers, refugees. As part of our activities, we have organised several activities for these categorigroups, such as free English and IT courses, or sessions about how to develop interpersonal skills to live in modern societies. We have dealt with categories who feel themselves excluded from mainstream society and have tried to help them build up on their skills and improve their career prospects. Also, as part of one of our current international projects, we have been promoting courses for seniors, in order for them to feel more integrated in modern society. Most of the seniors attending our courses are non-native British people, some of which refugees.



IFALL – Integration För Alla

IFALL – Integration För Alla is founded 2013 in south of Sweden in Örkelljunga and there are IFALL now in Ängelholm and Klippan too. We have been working with organizations such as Church of Sweden, Save the Children, Red Cross, municipalities in order to enlarge our network and experiences. There are 25 active volunteers, 3 staff and 15 weekly activities to work with integration in south of Sweden.

The main objective of the organization is to promote integration between cultures and counteract violence between cultures in Sweden and in other countries. With culture we mean Individuals. In this way we would like to state that we are not only working with integration of refugees/minorities/immigrants but also we are working with integration of cultures at different level.

The organization fulfils the main objective through
• Giving help to self-help so that the individual’s understanding of her/his own culture and self-esteem amplifies.
• Providing multi-cultural meeting places where the exchange of experiences, values and cultures promote individual’s life quality.
• Building social network between different cultures.
• Encouraging the individual to take responsibility in society.
• Developing and practicing effective and creative approaches/methods for integration, both formal and non-formal.
• Spreading information in order to increase awareness of the meaning of culture and different cultures.



Itaka Training

Itaka Training

Itaka Training is an organisation which was born following an analysis of the needs of what is happening at present in the areas were the organization is located, being particularly sensitive to issues related to migration, and the problems that migrants face once they arrive in Italy from desperate situations. In these respect, Itaka training is made up by professionals dedicated to build trust in peoples from different countries and motivates them to fulfill their potential in a welcoming and stimulating environment. Itaka Training promotes active citizenship at local, national and international level and the safeguard of moral and civic rights of citizens.

The organization has been inspired by the work of Domenico Lucano, MAyor of Riace a small village locate in Calabria wha has been recently listed by the American journal "Fortune" among the 50 more influent people in the field of migrants and refugee.

"For decades emigration drained life from Riace, a village of 2,000 on the Calabrian coast. When a boatload of Kurdish refugees reached its shores in 1998, Lucano, then a schoolteacher, saw an opportunity. He offered them Riace’s abandoned apartments along with job training. Eighteen years on, Mayor Lucano is hailed for saving the town, whose population now includes migrants from 20-some nations, and rejuvenating its economy. (Riace has hosted more than 6,000 asylum seekers in all.) Though his pro-refugee stance has pitted him against the mafia and the state, Lucano’s model is being studied and adopted as Europe’s refugee crisis crests." "FORTUNE March 2016"

The organization staff has also experience in the management of EU projects, in providing work experience, training and professional development courses for professionals under the KA1 project. We organise professional development courses for people involved in education who want to acquire new competences. Courses include digital classrooms, Integration and Social inclusion, school management, teaching through arts activities and entrepreneurship. The organization is also dedicated to the promotion of local traditions and cultures as well as organizing intercultural events in order to promote integration.



Sırrı Yırcalı Anadolu Lisesi

Sırrı Yırcalı Anadolu Lisesi

Our school Sırrı Yırcalı Anadolu Lisesi ( SYAL ) was founded in January 1984. SYAL is a no profit Government school that wants to educate the students& rise their awareness’s , in the academic -social and environmental field:

• Integration of students with different academic areas and help them to study wherever they want, mutual knowledge between students, to develop solidarity and assert the principle of social life and living together, development of the social, cultural and sports activities to create a European nationality.
• Promotion of annual events among students, activities such as studying hard giving information, realization of exchanges and voluntary services, organization of cultural events, development of students and studying at the best university opportunities.

It organises:

• Training courses and workshops for students and teachers/trainers; information points for students; social, cultural, educational, sports activities, for the knowledge of art, culture, music, etc. • Focusing on doing their best beside peace, brotherhood and solidarity; activities for the progress of the U.E; initiatives to promote the development of their studying hard having, opportunities; activities to protect studying nature, environment; activities of realization of didactical material; activities of cooperation with Institutions and Organizations, having the same principles.

SYAL is a the first and last school that it is planning two give 2 diplomas - One its own and second one is EDEXCEL DIPLOM which is given by Minister’s of Education of UK.




Associació Empresarial L'alqueria Projectes Educatius

Associació Empresarial l’Alqueria Projectes Educatius is an association of secondary education school teachers, vocational education teachers and trainers in different disciplines that focuses its activities on the field of education, training and cultural promotion in the European environment.

Founded in October 2009 in Valencia, its main objectives are :

• Collaboration with countries of the European context in the promotion of education and culture; promoting lifelong learning to enhance employability, especially for disadvantaged people in Europe; assistance in the training of secondary education school and vocational education teacher; encourage the use of ICT in teaching and as communication tool, dissemination of innovating teaching methods, promoting European citizenship.

L' Alqueria has organized courses and seminars for secondary education and vocational training teachers: e-learning tool courses, new technologies applied to education, innovate education methodologies and Spanish,Italian ,Portuguese language and culture.

They have also organized courses of Italian language and culture for unemployed vocational students. Other target groups are parents and high school teachers in seminars on how to improve the relationship between family and school to achieve students’ academic success.

L'alqueria has organized training courses for young people about social media for employment, traditions, culture and languages, sports etc.



Abroad Consulting

Abroad Consulting

Abroad Consulting is an agency of transnational mobility, located in Berlin, that promotes and supports the development and realization of funding initiatives as part of the European policy in developments, innovations, training and territorial partnerships.

Abroad Consulting focuses on promoting international mobility of students, workers, unemployed, employed and enterpreuners (or those wishing), with the purpose of enhancing professional and linguistic skills in order to favour a higher degree of integration in the global labor market.

Thanks to the gained experience and contacts in different Countries of the European Comunity, they facilitate the creation of a qualified net of workers at international level that provides the creation and a shared implementation of projects in sinergy with the european strategy, with the purpose of developing the and international mobility and attitude in the youth.

• We develop strategic frameworks for the development, preservation, exploitation, promotion and creation of thematic networks in the cultural heritage field.

• We work in close partnership with local cultural, artistic and educational institutions, tourism services providers, youth and non-governmental organizations.

• We work in close partnership with organizations, institutions and professionals from all over Europe, aiming at encouraging the international cooperation in the fields of integration, intercultural exchange and education,culture and arts, tourism and sustainable development. We consult and support our partners in the development, management, implementation, evaluation, and reporting on EU funded projects, we work in partnership with several universities in Germany and we offer career – orientation support and professional training.