Partners are working jointly to draft a user-friendly guide that will be useful for counsellors and local communities, former refugees working as mentors and cultural mediators:

Teachers, educators and volunteers actively working in the reception and inclusion of asylum seekers, volunteers and economic migrants.

The guide will contain 4 different sections,which will be as follows:

1) An analysis with the current state of affairs as regards to the integration of migrants and refugees in each participating country

2) Case studies from each participating country of best practices in the field of migrants and refugees.

3) A research on the following topics:

• Education and counselling in the processes of social inclusion of migrants/refugees
• Evaluation of professional competencies and educational needs of migrants/refugees
• use of Social Media for campaigning and employability
• raise awareness on the risk of radicalization through Social Media
• Digital integration initiatives
• Promotion of European values and democracy; promotion of active citizenship: community development best practices.

4) A glossary of terms mostly used in the field

The guide will be ready by 31 March 2017 and will be then reviewed during the training event that will take place in Italy in May 2017.